Ryan’s Roadmap Dissected – Dead End for Most Americans

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has compiled the various analysis of Paul Ryan (R,WI-o1), much ballyhooed “Roadmap for America’s future” and has found it to be a dead-end for most American’s. The winners are the wealthy (given his donors, it isn’t too surprising)with the report stating:

“…would result in massive transfer of resources from the broad majority of Americans to the nation’s wealthiest individuals”

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to fully analyze this well written 17 page report, but I did want to bring it to your attention.

The American Prospect had this to say about the plan:

“But several new analyses show that not only is the plan incredibly regressive, it fails to actually solve the debt problem.”

Isn’t it time to boot Ryan out of office?


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