7 thoughts on “Sunday open thread

  1. I wonder how much the Dems have left in them after health care reform? Think we’ll see any real progress on fixing public education? I sure hope so!

  2. Father Murphy. What a despicable and evil man…and the men who helped cover up his crimes against children are just as despicable and evil…and the cops who didn’t arrest this “holy man” are despicable and evil.

    I read on a blog…(I think Dad29’s blog) a blogger saying something like there are more offenders in the public school system…in an effort to defend the Catholic churches non-action against Father Murphy. What I like to know is how many of the offenders in the public school system get away with sexually assaulting over 200 children?? How many of the offenders in the public school system get protection from the administration? When I read Catholics defending this situation and then blaming the victims for speaking out…saying they have an “agenda against the Pope”…it is just so despicable and confirms my belief that religion is evil.

  3. I remember Bill Maher saying…

    Imagine a Day Care chain. And one of its caregivers is caught molesting a child. And the president of the chain moves the caregiver to another day care within the chain. And the caregiver molested another child. And the president moved them again. Once this was discovered, not only would the caregiver be fired, but so would the president of the chain.
    This is the Catholic church.

  4. Yeah…this is what people like those at BB incite…except I bet the cops who comment over at BB and call for people to bear arms and be prepared for a civil war didn’t think they would be the targets. Makes me sick!


    1. Sorry…I don’t think the link worked. It was suppose to link to the story about the *christian* militia from Michigan targeting cops.

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