Walker to appear on “Sly in the Morning” show

From the SEPAC blog comes news Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker will be appearing on WTDY’s Sly in the Morning radio show this Tuesday, March 16th:

Madison area leaders and members should note that radio host Sly will have gubernatorial candidate Walker on his program on Tuesday, 3/16 at 8:35 a.m. to quiz him about his position on state employees, their wages, benefits and outsourcing. This could prove to be a very interesting half hour. Sly indicates he may even accept phone calls during the segment. We strongly encourage you to tune in to WTDY, AM 1670 and listen to Scott Walker talk about your future if elected, and if the opportunity presents itself, call in with your thoughts. You can also listen live online by visiting: http://www.wtdy.com/.

I’m hoping Sly opens up his phone lines for calls from his listeners, because I think it’d be great entertainment to hear Scott Walker take questions from an audience that may not be as friendly as the audience on Chuck Sykes’ show.


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