We need a fact check on aisle three!

A recent blog entry by campaign flack Bob Delaporte on Terrence Wall’s campaign blog attempted to make the case against a Feingold Flip-flop on Reconciliation (notice I wrote attempted to make the case, as opposed to succeeded in making the case), and in attempting to make the case, Delaporte wrote:

And for some historical perspective, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah says reconciliation would be an assault to the democratic process. Read his whole editorial here.

What Bob Delaporte conveniently overlooked is that fact that while Sen. Orrin Hatch may believe reconciliation is an assault to the democratic process, Sen. Hatch himself voted for bills passed through reconciliation every single time a bill was offered through the process during the Bush years. If Orrin Hatch really feels that reconciliation is an assault to the democratic process, then why was he so in favor of the process when a Republican occupied the White House. That sounds an awful lot like hypocrisy to me, but then again, I shouldn’t be surprised that the Wall campaign takes what a hypocrite like Orrin Hatch says, given Terrence Wall’s fondness for hypocrisy.


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