200,000 hits….thank you all!

Sometime earlier this week, this blog passed the 200,000 hits mark.

Since I first started this blog back in July of 2007, there have been just a shade over 2,200 posts and almost 9,100 comments, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you who read this blog for visiting and contributing your own thoughts. Though we’ve had some heated discussions here from time to time, I appreciate the contributions you all have made to this blog, so thank you.


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9 thoughts on “200,000 hits….thank you all!

  1. Congrats Zach!!! With that level of interest you clearly must be doing something right by providing unique and thought-worthy posts.

    1. Thanks forgot, but I think it’s folks like you that really make this blog. Though there’s not much we see eye to eye on, I appreciate the perspective you bring to the debate here, and that debate is precisely the reason why I started blogging.

  2. Congrats, Zach. You are no longer the next big thing. You are the big thing now.

    We started at the same time, but it’s taking me longer with my 4.7 readers (it went up because of the election).

  3. I was just in Madison and YOUR name kept popping up! It appears you have quite the reputation……..I’m quite jealous! 😉

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