Barrett campaign announces SayNow feature

The campaign of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett is definitely making the most of all the new media options floating around the intertubes, with the campaign announcing yesterday their new SayNow feature which will allow individuals to call Tom Barrett and leave messages for him, while also allowing callers to listen to messages Barrett leaves. Here’s more on the Barrett campaign’s SayNow feature:

I am excited to announce a new feature called SayNow that allows you to call me directly and share your ideas for moving Wisconsin forward. So give me a call at 414-395-1855 and tell me your thoughts on what we can do to create jobs and change the way Madison works.

As I travel to Watertown, Beaver Dam, and Oshkosh today, I’ll be responding to several of your calls and posting updates through my SayNow number at 414-395-1855.

This phone number is just one of the many ways that you can stay connected with me throughout our campaign. In fact, many of the questions and ideas that hard-working Wisconsinites call me with will be featured on our next live video webchat on Monday, April 12 at 7:00 PM on

As Jim Arndt of Pretty Important Politics notes, SayNow seems to be used mostly by entertainers, so a candidate for public office utilizing the platform is intriguing.


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