Cudahy’s 2010 spring election results

The results of the 2010 spring election are in, and here in Cudahy, we’ve got a new mayor. With 54% of the vote, Tony Day has been elected to serve as Cudahy’s next mayor, with incumbent Ryan McCue getting 46% of the vote. While I’m not shocked by the outcome of the election, I am a little surprised McCue didn’t close the gap to make this a much closer election than it ended up being. It will be interesting to see how effective Tony Day is as mayor, and I’m going to go out on a limb and predict now that he’ll end up being a one-term mayor.

Here in Cudahy’s third aldermanic district, incumbent alderman Mark Otto cruised to reelection, winning 58% of the vote to challenger Darren Grams’ 42%. During my time in Cudahy, I’ve been impressed with alderman Otto’s responsiveness to concerns I’ve had, and he certainly seemed to deserve another term in office (at least in my opinion). Though I know his ties to Ryan McCue may not help him in some circles and without knowing whether he’s that ambitious, I could certainly see Mark Otto as a possible mayoral candidate in Cudahy in years to come.


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