Dick Leinenkugel forgot to mention a few of his credentials

In a recent press release, likely Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dick Leinenkugel cited his background and credentials as a reason why he’s considering running against Sen. Russ Feingold:

“I am a father, a husband, a Catholic, a patriot and a conservative. I have been a private sector business person for nearly 25 years after serving four years as a Marine Corps’ officer.

What Dick Leinenkugel forgot to mention among all his credentials and experiences was the 18 months he spent serving as Secretary of Commerce under Democratic governor Jim Doyle. What’s more, I saw no mention in his press release of the long list of accomplishments Leinenkugel had during his time as Commerce secretary.


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3 thoughts on “Dick Leinenkugel forgot to mention a few of his credentials

  1. Do you know of any accomplishments or was your point that there weren’t any?

    So maybe a well-timed release by Doyle touting all of Leiny’s accomplishments could be used as sabotage to hurt him (if necessary).

    Zach, let’s say he wasn’t running against Feingold, do you think he would be a good candidate? I think given him being part of the Doyle admin ruins his chances of making it through a GOP primary, but as a candidate in the general he could claim that’s he moderate and can work with both sides. I say this of course not really knowing where he stands on any issue.

    1. I think the fact that he worked for Doyle could help his credentials as a moderate in the general election, but at the same time, I get the sense Leinenkugel isn’t interested in being the “moderate” Republican candidate, given the tone of his press release. He made a point to make it clear he was a conservative, so I’m guessing he won’t be trying to woo moderate voters by pointing out the work he did for Doyle’s administration.

      1. Yeah, it’s just totally shocking that a candidate would run their primary campaign a little different than a general.

        Democrats typically fall all over themselves to be the most left in a primary, Republicans do just the opposite. And when they get in the general they move to the middle.

        Moderate voters (and undecideds) just don’t show up in the primaries compared to generals. It’s campaigning 101.

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