6 thoughts on “Drill baby, drill!

      1. Yeah I figured drilling was just a BHO lie to get some votes for his climate change bill anyway.

      2. Yeah right “no matter who says” — I’m sure you were being crticial of the President with a title like “Drill baby, drill.”

        1. forgot, the title was obviously a reference to Sarah Palin….I’m not denying that.

          However, I don’t care who’s proposing offshore drilling; I think it’s a bad idea. I know I’m supposed to agree with everything President Obama does and says, but in the case of offshore drilling, I disagree with what the president’s doing.

  1. Hello,

    I am running for Congress in the Wisconsin 4th District. I agree that continued reliance on drilling will lead us in a direction requiring greater and greater environmental damage to eek out the increasingly difficult to extract oil. I think we need a saner energy policy. If you have a minute take a look: http://morelforcongress.com/?page_id=37


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