7 thoughts on “Just a quick note – open thread

    1. I read the same “prayer” the other day but only it had President Obama’s name in it instead of the Governors. People are idiots.

      1. Yeah there seem to be those old “jokes” that circulate with whoever is the current president’s name inserted.

        However, this isn’t just someone, an individual, telling a tasteless joke or forwarding a stupid e-mail. This is an official organization — the teachers union memo. An organization that wants to be taken seriously and has a seat at the table. An organization that represents all those union members who are constantly reminding us that they are “professionals.”

        It carries a little more weight than just “people are idiots.”

    1. It didn’t disappear; someone moved it to being a draft because of a troll who thinks it’s funny to impersonate capper, myself, and Jim.

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