Polls show Barrett closing the gap

New polling by Rasmussen shows a statistical dead-heat between Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett and his Republican opponents, with Barrett steadily gaining ground while the the numbers of Republican Scott Walker continue to erode from the last poll taken by Rasmussen, which showed Walker with 49% support. This latest poll has Walker polling at 46%, while Barrett is polling at 44%, well within the poll’s margin of error.

It’s common knowledge Rasmussen polling typically leans Republican, so the fact that Rasmussen’s latest Wisconsin gubernatorial polling shows Tom Barrett pulling ever closer to Scott Walker is certainly a good thing, a point not lost on Barrett’s campaign:

When a Republican-leaning poll such as Rasmussen shows this kind of momentum, it can only mean that Tom’s message of creating jobs and standing with Wisconsin’s working and middle class families is resonating with voters.

While the Republican candidates for governor have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on multi-week television advertising blitzes, Tom has been traveling all across Wisconsin, meeting one-on-one with the people to discuss his vision for our great state.

Wisconsinites are tired of extreme ideologues who are out for themselves and their special interest friends. They want an adult who is going to bring people together to solve the complex problems facing our state.

Tom Barrett has proven that in tough economic times he will stand up for everyday Wisconsinites. The more voters hear about Tom and his record of job creation, the more they know that Tom is the only candidate for Governor who is on our side.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….though 2010 looks to be a bad year on the whole for Democrats, our gubernatorial race promises to be extremely close, and while 2010 looks to be a good year for the GOP, I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Tom Barrett pulls out a close victory against Scott Walker.


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