RNC bloodletting begins with Steele throwing subordinate under the bus

I’ve already chronicled the RNC’s chronic financial mismanagement HERE and HERE, and already the bloodletting at the Republican National Committee has begun, as Politico.com is reporting Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Ken McKay resigned Monday as a direct result of the scandal surrounding the RNC’s financial mismanagement. As Politico noted, RNC chairman Michael Steele sent out an email to RNC committee members and donors, and in the email he Steele made it clear the buck stops with him:

“Leadership requires that I can safely assure you, our donors, and the American people that our mission is what drives every dollar we spend, every phone call we make, every email we send and every event we organize,” Steele wrote in the email, obtained by POLITICO. “Recent events have called that assurance into question and the buck stops with me. That is why I have made this change in my management team and why I am confident about going forward to November with renewed focus and energy.”

If the buck really stops with Michael Steele, can we expect to see his resignation as the next step in the RNC’s bloodletting? I’m betting not, because what Michael Steele really meant is that the buck stops with anyone but him.


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