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  1. You mean like those pesky facts about the health care bill and how it won’t prevent carriers like Anthem (which you have harped on repeatedly) from jacking rates? The bill’s not going to hold down costs, but folks like you were saying we had to rush to pass it for that very reason. How ’bout those facts?

  2. Since Chris Liebenthal over at MilwaukeeCountyFirst is deleting my comments, I am not sure if you got my reply to your comment over there. I will repost it here.


    The owner of this site has the same courage to censor/delete comments. On top of that, select comments are deliberately set to go to spam and not show up because he doesn’t like the web site used. I guess he never heard of sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me.


    In case you are wondering, I have a screen capture of my comment prior to Chris Liebenthal at MilwaukeeCountyFirst deleting it. That is how I am able to repost the comment here. I just wish I had screen captures of other comments that Chris Liebenthal has deleted or set up to go to spam and never show.

    Besides, Chris Lieberthal needs to get a little thicker skin instead of having a temper tantrum. He didn’t see me get all bent out of shape when he referred to me as being a Teabagger. Which I believe to be worse than crapper.

    I know he would love to tie me in with being on Scott Walker’s campaign, but that will never happen because it simply isn’t true at all. You would know that too if Chris Liebenthal wasn’t deleting comments over as MilwaukeeCountyFirst. I sure do hope he doesn’t waste time trying to prove it.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I did reply to your comment in case Chris Liebenthal deleted it before you got a chance to see it.

    I will not be back here to see if you reply.

  3. Actually the rea Tea Party Flags are the It’s Tea Time Tea Party Flags. If the guy who wrote this article is wondering about facts I invite him to visit our site at http://www.itsteatime.org and read the constitution. Than he can explain to me how this government that is in power right now is abiding by it. By the way, The Tea Party Movement isn’t anti government we are just against the people running it at the moment.

    1. Please explain why he should have to prove you right? Are you to lazy to do it yourself?

      Maybe you should tell us how, exactly, “this government that is in power right now is abiding by it.”

      “By the way, The Tea Party Movement isn’t anti government we are just against the people running it at the moment.” Of course you are, you only have problems with the government “supposedly” taking your rights when your guy isn’t in charge. There certainly were no tea party protests of the patriot act or warrantless surveillance policies.

      1. Your side didn’t protest the war in Bosnia. By the way what is our exit strategy. Your side didn’t protest the Clinton Administration using Echelon on its own citizens.
        The Homeland security bill was a democrat bill, Bush was against it but the public wanted it at the time so he signed it. You know a representative Republic, oh you don’t know because your side doesn’t listen to the people.
        Where was the outrage when Bush was in? Well. President Bush loves our country, President Bush didn’t apologise to foreign leaders for our greatness, President Bush didn’t bow down to foreign leaders, and President Bush didn’t appoint card carrying Communists to his government. President Bush knew the difference between a terrorist and an American citizen. Tea Partiers are not terrorists. And by the way we are not protesting just for us in the Tea Party Movement. We are protesting to try and save your rights too. No thanks necesary, it is our duty as Americans to stand up for freedom and Liberty. One day you will understand when you realise this isn’t a team sport Republicans against Democrats, this is Free Americans against tyrany.

        1. Wow, there is so much garbage here I don’t know where to begin.

          Could it be that people didn’t protest the war in bosnia because it was a UN backed operation?

          I sure couldn’t find anything on the web about Clinton using Echelon against the US citizens.

          But I sure did find stuff about Bush using it against the US citizens. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/16/echelon_in_your_backyard/
          But that doesn’t fit your worshipped view of God, I mean Bush.

          And the democrats introduce the us patriot bill? REALLY. http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d107:hr03162:%5D Sure looks like that was a republican to me.

          “President Bush knew the difference between a terrorist and an American citizen.” Is that why there are american citizens being held without trial because Bush accused them of being enemy combantants?

          I will certainly NOT thank you for anything EVER. I defended my freedom when I was in the Army. So you are welcome for your freedoms I ACUTALLY DEFENDED BY VOLUNTEERING FOR THE ARMY.

          Do you even know the definition of tyranny? Wait, I shouldn’t have even bothered to ask. No, is the answer.

          1. You are so skewed read up on who broght up homeland security. It was the dems. It scares me that you were in the Army. So you say. Do you remember you oath. To defend the constitution? A government forcing you buy a product, a government taking over private industry etc. is the definition of tyrany. Do you even remember we were in the cold war against the same ideology that is being forced down our throat. Read the communist manifesto and tell me how different it sounds from the democratic socialists platform. You are an ideologue.
            A true beleiver that thinks the only way that you can be ruled by tyrants is a police state. One of these days you will actually pick up a history book and read about what the socialists have done to people when they take over and not back them so hard. Socialism is tyrany. Socialism is slavery. Vladimir Lenin said “the goal of socialism is communism” that is only time that murdering scum ever told the truth.
            By the way Lenin was a soviet not a a beatle. I think I had to clarify that for you. Stalin called people like you useful idiots. I guess there is one thing where Stalin and I agree.

            1. I suggest you copy and paste your nonsense into a word document before posting so it can help correct some errors in there. How did the dems “broght” up homeland security? What is “tyrany” and how does it have a definition? And I certainly don’t know what “A true beleiver” thinks.

              Actually they are not “forcing” you to do anything. You do not have to buy insurance, which is a service.

              What “industry” did the government take over?

              Yeah, I know how to spell John Lennon the Beatle.

              Not surprised the hate right uses insults. Why don’t you back under the tinfoil hat you came from troll?

              1. oooo I had a few errors in spelling. Not quite as bad as the error the country made when they elected a majority of socialists into congress. Or the error you make everyday thinking socialism is just another form of government. Socialism is slavery.Why don’t you go and blame America for “global warming” woops I am sorry we call it climate change now because the Earth is in a cooling cycle.

              1. GM, Chrysler, banks, and reduced health insurance companies as a vehicle for government-controlled health care. You will probably that’s not a takeover but if the government mandates what must be provided and who you must do business with, what else would you call it.

                1. GM isn’t an industry; it’s just a company.

                  So my question remains….which industries has the government taken over completely?

  4. It’s Tea Time the Rally cry that is sweeping the nation. Fly the It’s Tea Time Tea Party Flags and show your friends and neighbors you are a proud member of the Tea Party Movement. The more we show we are part of the Tea Party Movement the more we will grow the Tea Party Movement! Fly the flags that promote Liberty and the Tea Party as a whole, not just a Tea Party Group It’s Tea Time! http://www.itsteatime.org

    1. Well thank you for that thoughful advertisement. Cute girl waving the flag though!

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