Tony Day and the Iceport

From comes a great cartoon spoofing Cudahy mayoral candidate Tony Day’s involvement with the Iceport debacle:

Image courtesy Ronny Kline

There’s no mention of the Iceport on Tony Day’s mayoral campaign website, but it’s been reported that as a member of the Community Development Authority, Tony Day voted for the Ice Port on numerous occasions, in addition to his vote to sell the land for $1 and to give the Ice Port developer millions in tax subsidies.


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23 thoughts on “Tony Day and the Iceport

  1. Zach to be fair, on McCue’s site I don’t see that he voted for the Iceport as a CDA member and as An Alderman. I also don’t see that McCue is letting people know that taxpayers are footing the bill for the cleanup of the Iceport nor do I see on McCue’s site the $1.2 million the taxpayers now have to pay for back taxes on the Iceport site.

    1. Randy, has it been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cudahy is on the hook for the $1.2 million in back taxes? I’ve been told there are still some questions that need to be answered and issues to be clarified before a final decision is made.

  2. Randy, Zach is right. You don’t have all of the information, so stop spreading rumors. In fact, it would be nice if you had ANY facts whatsoever to back up most of the crap you post.

    1. I’d like to hear from Randy as to how he came into the information about the $1.2 million tax bill, since I’ve heard that’s not supposed to be public knowledge yet, since there are still some issues to be resolved.

      Did Goss feed Randy the information? I’m betting so!

    1. Yeah, if there’s a silver lining in the outcome of the election, it’s the fact that Goss won’t be around to feed Randy inside gossip and information.

      Speaking of the election, what do you think Randy’s going to focus on writing about, now that he doesn’t have McCue to kick around anymore?

  3. He won’t have much for the next few months besides crappy recipes and computer tips. He’ll still rag on Ryan, because that’s all he knows how to do. Anything bad that happens during Tony’s term will be because McCue did this or didn’t do that. I’m sure we’ll also be hearing a lot about Wal-Mart again in the near future, so that should keep him busy as well.

    1. While I understand why some folks just don’t like Ryan McCue, I think some of the comments I read on Randy’s blog were downright petty and childish.

      Ultimately, I think Randy will give Tony Day more slack than he gave McCue simply because Tony Day’s not as liberal as McCue is.

  4. I absolutely agree. The funny thing is that McCue is an independant and to the best of my knowledge never ran as part of the Democratic party. I’m working on getting something started besides nocudahywalmart to balance out Randy’s garbage can with something that has some substance and doesn’t make the people of Cudahy look so ignorant and clueless.

  5. Randy, tell us again how you got yer fatass thrown out at “Pinter’s Inn” on election night then cowered in your car for the police to come, jerkface loser.

  6. At the same time, Zach, you didn’t do Ryan any favors the last few weeks, so your outrage is stunted.

  7. You call yourself a Democrat and throw McCue under the bus to a disaster of a new Mayor and THEN run a political cartoon that is copyrighted? You suck, Zach, bigtime.

    What, Ryan didn’t suck up to you enough? Cudahy is going down in flames and you just don’t care cuz you don’t live there anymore? Get real! Why not change the title of your site to “Blogging Hollenbeck?” Loser.

    1. PTP, I fail to see how I threw McCue under the bus, and I’m not exactly sure how Cudahy is “going down in flames.”

  8. 1. You had nothing good to say about Ryan, of which there was PLENTY of material.

    2. Tony Day is a castrated newbie. With NO experience. and a handful of sycophants, namely Vaccaro, Mikolajczak, and Hollenbeck.

    Why don’t you care that Cudahy is regressing?

    I guess that’s why you left.

    Thanks for nothing.

  9. Why are U afraid, Zach? I promise to never leave a comment on your crappy blog again!

    1. What am I supposed to be afraid of? If you’re referring to my decision to moderate comments, that has nothing to do with you, unless you’re the same individual who’s been impersonating others on the blog over the past few weeks.

      If you’re not that same individual, then I encourage you to continue commenting as you see fit, because I encourage debate.

  10. I didn’t leave Cudahy, just as an FYI.

    As for Tony Day’s sycophants, I’m willing to bet Hollenbeck will turn on Tony Day the first chance he gets.

  11. I agree, don’t get so bent outta shape, OK? I do appreciate the work that you do, other than you non takes on Cudahy, OK? I have lived here all my life.

    1. I haven’t lived here all my life, but during the time my wife, my kids and I have been here, we’ve really grown to love Cudahy. I’ll be the first to admit that my criticisms of Ryan McCue may have been overly harsh, but they were based on the information I had at that time.

  12. I find it strange that if someone like Day does do something wrong that you would take issue that someone would go after them. I moved out of Cudahy before McCue was mayor because of my job, but I find your beat down of someone willing to standup and point out issues or problems as childish. More people should be concerned not less. That look the other way is what is wrong with the world today. Sounds like sour grapes from people supporting the losing person. I never read or heard a reason anyone would vote for McCue so the choice of Day was easy for many people. Time to move on. Easy to pick on someone doing things from people whose only thing is that the have lived in Cudahy their whole life. I am 62 and lived 55 years in Cudahy and to the lifers Tony would be the choice as well.

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