Why didn’t Walker make the courthouse safe?

While utilizing the Walker Walkaround at the crumbling Milwaukee County Courthouse, visitors to the courthouse should ask themselves why Milwaukee County Executive (and Republican gubernatorial candidate) Scott Walker didn’t do more back in 2008 to make the Milwaukee County Courthouse safe for those visiting or working in the courthouse (emphasis mine):

An engineering firm told Milwaukee County in 2008 that the courthouse needed $350,000 in repairs to make the building safe, including fixing the upper portion of the facade from which a chunk fell off last month.

Among several suggested courthouse repairs, the firm called for spending $125,000 for “securing and sealing the entire cornice flashing.”

That and other repairs were deemed “necessary to ‘make safe’ facade conditions that are exhibiting significant deterioration and/or distress,” according to an Oct. 27, 2008, letter to the county from engineering consultant Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer and Associates.

If Scott Walker can’t be counted on to effectively manage Milwaukee County, then how can he be counted on to effectively manage the state of Wisconsin? The answer is simple…he can’t. Scott Walker simply isn’t fit to serve as governor of Wisconsin.


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