BREAKING: Leinenkugel out of GOP Senate race, endorses Ron Johnson

Word from the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s 2010 convention is that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dick Leinenkugel has dropped out while announcing his endorsement of Ron Johnson’s candidacy. I speculated yesterday Leinenkugel might be dropping out of the race soon, though I have to admit this was sooner than I had expected.

In my opinion, with Leinenkugel went the Republican Party’s best chance of beating Sen. Russ Feingold in the fall.


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11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Leinenkugel out of GOP Senate race, endorses Ron Johnson

  1. My Terrence Wall as first dropout prediction was wrong, go figure.

    Sooo….what percent of the vote is Feingold going to win by now?

  2. Wow. Wow.

    Still catching up from my weekend camping, I see that Westlake effectively killed his candidacy. How? He went THERE.

    By whining that he is more qualified to be Senator just because he went to West Point is the height of arrogance. It really pisses me off.

    I served for nine years as an officer in the United States Army. Longer than Westlake did. We ROTC guys held a certain portion of “ring knockers” is disdain for precisely the reason that Westlake has now demonstrated. Their overriding sense of entitlement.

    Now, military service does give the individual some impressive experience. Planning, logistics, operations…some great schooling. And don’t forget the leadership skills.

    But I would never, EVER claim that I am more patriotic than ANYONE else just BECAUSE I “took the oath”. Sure, I served because of my patriotism. But that wasn’t the only reason, and military service isn’t the sole way to demonstrate your patriotism. Serving on your board of education, in the Peace Corps, or just supporting the troops from home are all patriotic acts.

    Sorry for the ramble, but I was waiting for Westlake to play that card. And I am very angry.

    1. Rich, having talked to Mr. Westlake, I can attest to the fact that he doesn’t believe he’s any more patriotic than the next fellow simply because he went to West Point. Further, his statements about having “taken the oath” are made simply to reinforce his statements about being committed to upholding the Constitution.

  3. Ed- Me too on drinking the Leinie’s again. And since it’s probably the best “cheap beer” deal at the the Union ($3.75 a pint), it’ll come in handy.

    Jim- I’ll be cautious and open the line at Feingold -9 1/2 for November. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Jake,

      On the pool: I think an ultra-negative campaign by the winning Republican could make it closer — unless it boosts Feingold. But I don’t think it would go that way in the general. Feingold is the clear winner, albeit not by the widest of margins. I’ll say 6%.

      1. I said 6% only because this isn’t a Democratic year. In any other year, I’d give Feingold 10 points over any of the Republicans seeking his seat.

  4. I’d put it between 6 and 10 myself. Assuming Johnson gets the nod and gets some decent advisors…6. If he runs on his own ideas? 10.

  5. I’m not buying the “not a Democratic year” meme the media is desperately trying to peddle. The mistake in that thinking is that somehow it’s a Republican year, when they’re much more negatively thought of, and have done nothing to indicate they can do better. This “anti-Democratic mood” theme is really about media trying to drum up ratings with a competitive election than reality.

    What 2010 is, is an anti-corporate sellout, anti-Washington insider year. Feingold is both, and Wisconsinites know it. A strong message that shows you’re on the side of working people instead of corporate paper-pushers is the winning call this year, and Feingold has the clear advantage over any GOPper that will face him on that count.

    Let’s be honest, the criticism that Obama and co. are (rightfully) starting to get related to the oil spill is that they’re not taking over and doing enough. Taking over in the situation is hardly a GOP-favoring position.

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