But when’s it gonna get really nasty?

As xoff notes, the Republican gubernatorial primary is getting personal, as evidenced by a report from the Wisconsin College Republicans convention:

It was exciting to hear Mark direct his speech specifically to fellow college students. To illustrate, Mark spoke about the importance of finishing one’s education as well as the fact that College Republicans are the ‘ground troops’ in this election.

Perhaps Neumann’s remark about the importance of finishing one’s education was innocuous, but I’m betting it was carefully scripted, and it could be the beginning of the scorched earth campaign I’ve been waiting for from Neumann and Scott Walker in the Republican primary.


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9 thoughts on “But when’s it gonna get really nasty?

  1. Mark Neumann is an interesting character IMO. He seems to me like he’s sort of docile but I have a feeling I have him pegged all wrong. I have a feeling it’s going to get really nasty soon…and the Dems will have a good show…and I predict Neumann will come out on top.

    It’s interesting to see how Walker makes it sound like he graduated from college in his speeches. Someone should confront him on it because he’s being dishonest.

    1. Has Walker done that? I don’t know if he has or not, but I haven’t seen or heard anything to that effect, not that I pay a lot of attention to Scott Walker’s speeches. If you can provide some evidence that would be great. Incidentally, where/how do you see Walker speeches other than attend them in person?

      1. Click the link to xoff’s post and then click the link in his post…he has a quote up from Walker. It sounds to me as if he’s intentionally giving the wrong impression about going through school as if he finished. Unless of course he’s talking about HS.

        1. Thanks. While I don’t think it’s necessary to have a college degree to run for office — after all many Wisconsinites don’t have one — those statements are misleading.

  2. There’s plenty of time for the boys to bash each other. The closer the race gets, and the closer the September primary gets, the more fun it will be. Hide and watch.

    1. That’s exactly what Barrett will be doing. Hiding. Watching. Napping?

    2. Yeah, the Republican gubernatorial primary – as well as the general election – have the potential to be some of the nastiest we’ve seen.

  3. I didn’t pay much attention to political stuff until fairly recently, so I used to just look at the issues and vote. I used to think political campaigns were honest, but now I’ve finally realized how disgusting they can be. I hope our local politicians at least stick to facts, because the amount of misinformation that still rings today from the 2008 elections really made me lose some faith in the honesty of political debate.

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