Christine Bremer won’t seek 7th CD seat

Shortly after Rep. Dave Obey surprisingly announced he would not seek another term in the House of Representatives, it was speculated Wausau-area attorney Christine Bremer might be a contender for the 7th Congressional district’s seat, but in a statement released yesterday, Bremer said she has no intention of seeking office:

“I am honored to have been named as a possible successor to our Congressman Dave Obey, but I have no intention of seeking office.

My life is dedicated to the law and the service of my clients in North Central Wisconsin — and I will vigorously continue this work.

For many years, I have supported candidates who fight for progressive causes — just as Dave Obey did in his 40 plus years in Congress — and I will continue to support such candidates. Congressman Obey’s legacy of service to the people of the 7th Congressional District must be protected as we look to the next decade.“

With Bremer bowing out, I’d be shocked if Russ Decker doesn’t end up as the Democratic candidate for the 7th Congressional district seat, and perhaps Bremer’s bowing out of the race signals that Democrats may be ready to anoint a their preferred candidate.


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2 thoughts on “Christine Bremer won’t seek 7th CD seat

  1. What do you think of Frank Boyle entering the race? Too toxic, or just the right man for the job? I think he’d be a perfect progressive to represent the 7th. For those thinking he’s too far left, look at Obey and tell me a lefty can’t be elected in the 7th. Then again, perhaps that’s why Obey dropped out in the first place…still, surprised Boyle’s name hasn’t been out there as much.

    1. Has Boyle entered the race yet?

      If not, I doubt he’d want to jump in, given the fact that it wasn’t too long ago he retired from the State Assembly.

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