Five acres of Grant Park to be deforested? Say it ain’t so!

Chris Liebenthal of Milwaukee County First is reporting that starting this coming Monday, crews will be heading into Grant Park to cut down five and a half acres of forest in order to open a dog park. I’ve long heard rumors of an off-leash dog park in Sheridan or Warnimont Parks, both of which have ample open space to accommodate a dog park, but I hadn’t heard of Grant Park as a likely destination for said dog park. What’s more, as Liebenthal notes, do five and a half acres of forest really need to be removed in order to put a dog park at Grant Park?

While I’m sure I’ll frequent a dog park in Grant Park, given its proximity to where I live, it’d be a shame to see five and a half acres of forest chopped down simply to make room for said dog park.


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10 thoughts on “Five acres of Grant Park to be deforested? Say it ain’t so!

  1. As you may know I love dogs…I have three of my own that I could not live without…and my daughter has one (my grandbaby)…but this is crazy. Do we really need another off-leash dog park and do we have to cut down so many trees for it? They should make it an off-leash dog trail instead of park. People and dogs love hiking/walking on trails with trees. Has the tree cutting begun?

    1. Anon, I wouldn’t mind another off leash dog park closer to my house, but it seems to me that there’s plenty of space in Warnimont/Sheridan Parks for something like this.

      1. Is the dog park off of Rawson far from you? We used to go to that one before my dog was attacked…and now we just walk them on leash through the Oak Creek parkway. It kind of sucks though because they sure did love running off leash but I’m too scared to bring them back to the off leash dog park.

        BTW…how is your dog doing?

  2. I asked Supervisor Chris Larson about this report and he understands that the dog park is scheduled to be developed in Warnimont. He is also unaware of a proposal to remove a forested area to build it. He promised to post about it later after talking to people at the courthouse today.

    1. County Supervisor Chris Larson confirms that a off leash dog park is planned for Warnimont park. Some trees and brush where the fence is going to go in. But there is no plan for anything like a deforestation of county park land. Well until Scott Walker decides to heat the court house with a wood stove…

      1. No, he’ll use trees from Grant Park to build scaffolding to protect visitors to the Court House from falling pieces of the building.

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