It’s been a bad week for Scott Walker

To say it’s been a bad week for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker would be an understatement.

First it was revealed that Darlene Wink, the now-former constituent services coordinator for County Executive Walker, was posting comments critical of Mark Neumann and Tom Barrett on blog entries and stories at while on county time, and as Dan Bice of the Journal Sentinel noted, Wink was becoming increasingly prolific, offering nearly 25 comments in April under the pseudonym “RPMCVP.” Asked if she thought going online and defending her boss on the Journal Sentinel Web site while at her county job was a good idea, Wink said, “Probably not, no,” adding, “I never gave it a thought that it was going to be an issue.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, Walker also got some really really bad news, as William Gardner, Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co.’s top official, disclosed to state regulators this week he used company money to reimburse employees for making political donations. Scott Walker had to return $43,800 in donations after the illegal activity came to light, activity not unlike the case of Dennis Troha, a Kenosha businessman who funneled political donations through family members in order to avoid federal campaign donation limits. In 2008 Troha was sentenced to six months of probation for his illegal activities, so it will be interesting what criminal penalties Gardner faces.

To top off Scott Walker’s really bad week, his opponent in the Republican gubernatorial primary, Mark Neumann, unveiled a blistering ad attacking Walker’s flip-flop on the Arizona anti-illegal immigrant law.

To say it’s been a bad week for Scott Walker would be an understatement, but hopefully it’s just the first of many bad weeks for Scott Walker before he crashes and burns in the Republican gubernatorial candidate.


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6 thoughts on “It’s been a bad week for Scott Walker

  1. Something smells, a top railroad official who would benefit greatly from the high speed rail line that Walker has promised to kill wanted to raise money for Walker? And then makes an obvious violation of law and turns himself in? This sounds like a set-up, I wonder how much this crook has donated to Doyle in past elections?

    1. Why would Wisconsin and Southern make money off of ‘fast’ rail (high speed is 200+, we ain’t going that fast)? They are a small regional freight carrier. The proposed tracks don’t belong to them.

    2. Wonder how much he’s given to Doyle? If he has it’s a public record…shouldn’t be that hard to find.

  2. Walker is a crook. Plain and simple. Unfortunately, so is everyone else running. Walker is definately the greater of three evils though. Either Neumann or Barrett would be more palatable.

  3. Scott Walker a crook is an understatement. When you get the endorsements of Jeb Bush and Mark Green nothing more has to be said. Besides the contibutions from Wisconsin Southern the road contractors are courting Walker as well. Read the Book “War is a Racket” and you`ll understand what really goes on in this country. If you can`t find it in the library you can google it and read it online. Scott also boasts of a budget surplus while most of his county agencies are in the red very deeply. Any one smarter than a fith grader would not vote for Walker.

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