Neumann gets first in-state endorsements

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann, whose campaign until this point had not garnered a single in-state endorsement from any elected official or Republican operative of any consequence, finally got not one, but two endorsements, from former Wisconsin Assembly Speaker John Gard and former Wisconsin State Treasurer Cate Zeuske. In addition to endorsing Neumann’s gubernatorial campaign, Gard and Zeuske announced would serve as Neumann’s campaign Co-Chairs.

As the Recess Supervisor notes, is the endorsement of Neumann by Gard and Zeuske really about Neumann, or is this Gard’s revenge for something Scott Walker did once upon a time?


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4 thoughts on “Neumann gets first in-state endorsements

  1. Channel 58 is reporting that Mr. Neumann isn’t expecting to get the GOP endorsement at the party convention, so has pro-actively stated he doesn’t want it!!!

  2. I heard Scott Walker is no longer willing to share his Brylcream with John Gard.

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