1 thought on “No tempest in the “TEA” pot

  1. I really have a hard time listing to Maddow. Listing to her blather about the “narrative” is just obnoxious considering the MSM narrative the last few years has been overwhelmingly flattering of her side. But whatever.

    Point is, one very substantial outcome was just influenced by the tea party movement/issues. Bob Bennett’s primary loss was certainly effected by it. It wasn’t a single issue, but his vote in favor of bailouts, co-sponsorship of a health insurance mandate, not to mention that he was a 3-term senator and son of a 4-term senator – the ultimate “gone to Washington” guy all contributed.

    I also got a kick out of the whole “governance” mode and how the left is just willing to “get dirty” to govern and get things done and the right is instituting purity tests. Seems roles are reversed but the story used to be how the left is remaining true to their principles while the right was selling out just to get things passed. You say potato…

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