Quotes worth sharing

Eugene Robinson on tea party, libertarian, GOP KY Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul:

“Sarah Palin accused reporters of practicing “gotcha” journalism in seeking to elicit Paul’s views. As we know from the 2008 campaign, Palin’s definition of a “gotcha” interview is one in which actual questions are asked. But think about it: Did anyone imagine the Republican Party could possibly field a candidate who makes Sarah Barracuda sound like the voice of reason?”

Veteran and Bronze Star winner Representative Patrick Murphy, D-PA on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell DADT:

Responding to claims that openly gay soldiers would hurt unit cohesion, Murphy argues: “Straight men and women in our armed forces, this argument asserts, aren’t professional enough to serve with gay troops while doing their jobs. As a former Army officer, that is an insult to me and, more important, to my fellow soldiers still serving — gay and straight alike.”

Family values, conservative, Representative Mark Souder, GOP IN, on the abstinence video where he is interviewed by the woman with whom he was having an adulterous affair:

“If some people see this abstinence video, I’m living proof of what we’re saying in it. If they actually listen to the words, maybe it’s worth it.”


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