Rhetoric meets reality

From Glenn Frankovis, political pundit extraordinaire (emphasis mine):

They’re scared of Scott which is why they take all these cheap shots at him. They know he’s going to win the Republican primary and even if Neumann switches to Independent so that he can be on the ballot in November, Scott is still going to crush Barrett and become our next Governor. Scott’s victory will be due in large part to Jim Doyle and the lefties in State government just as Conservatives across the country are winning their elections because of Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and all those other arrogant lefties in Congress.

Putting aside the fact that I highly doubt Scott Walker will “crush” Tom Barrett in the gubernatorial election, is Glenn Frankovis’ statement that conservatives across the country are winning their elections really accurate? I suppose it depends on which elections Glenn’s referring to, because conservatives certainly haven’t been winning special elections to the House of Representatives:

House Special Election Results Since 2008
House Seat

Election Date Winner Winner’s Party
Ohio 11th November 18, 2008 Marcia Fudge DEMOCRATIC PARTY
New York 20th March 31, 2009 Scott Murphy DEMOCRATIC PARTY
Illinois 5th April 7, 2009 Michael Quigley DEMOCRATIC PARTY
California 32nd July 14, 2009 Judy Chu DEMOCRATIC PARTY
California 10th November 3, 2009 John Garamendi DEMOCRATIC PARTY
New York 23rd November 3, 2009 Bill Owens DEMOCRATIC PARTY
Florida 19th April 13, 2010 Ted Deutch DEMOCRATIC PARTY
Pennsylvania 12th May 19, 2010 Mark Critz DEMOCRATIC PARTY

By my count, that’s eight House special elections won by Democrats since the 2008 presidential election, a fact that flies in the face of Glenn Frankovis’ assertion that conservatives all across the country are winning their elections. Sure, Scott Brown managed to win the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, but as I’ve written previously, Scott Brown’s not exactly a far-right conservative most on the right thought he’d be.

As I’ve written before, I’m beginning to believe 2010 won’t be nearly as bad a year for Democrats as many folks would like to believe, and while Democrats may still lose seats in Congress (as is typical for the party in power during a midterm election), I don’t think 2010 will be nearly the bloodbath it looked to be even three months ago.


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