RPW 2010 convention news & notes

  • Will Dick Leinenkugel drop out of the Republican U.S. Senate primary? I’ve been hearing rumors that if Leinenkugel can’t gain some traction at the RPW 2010 convention, he’ll drop out shortly thereafter.
  • Speaking of Dick Leinenkugel and the RPW convention, did Leinenkugel even have a hospitality suite at the Hyatt? I didn’t see one, but then again, I certainly didn’t spend too much time looking.
  • Interesting anecdote about Terrence Wall and Dave Westlake…after “crashing” Westlake’s hospitality suite, my stepdaughter and I took a moment to do the same to Terrence Wall’s suite, and Alexis asked me, “Why does Terrence Wall have a bigger room than Dave Westlake?” My response was that Terrence Wall didn’t have a bigger room than Dave Westlake; Wall’s room just looked bigger because there were fewer people in it.

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4 thoughts on “RPW 2010 convention news & notes

  1. Scott Walker, no surprise, got the endorsement from the party. My thoughts here: will this help or hurt them? There’s an anti-establishment vibe ringing across the nation right now, but Walker seems more TEA Party than Neumann does…will Neumann try to capitalize on his outsider advantage? I guess time will tell. Either way, I’m liking Barrett’s chances.

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