Stay classy, Ron Johnson

Watch as Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron “because I’m a rich guy” Johnson tears down signs for one of his opponents, Terrence Wall, at the recent RPW convention in Milwaukee:

Nothing says class like a candidate and his supporters tearing down the signs of the candidate’s opponents.


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19 thoughts on “Stay classy, Ron Johnson

  1. Nice, so not only did they nominate a guy that still has to develope where he stands on the issues but he has no character as well.

    1. Yeah, I suppose he didn’t think anyone would be taping, but what a person does when they think the camera isn’t on gives great insight into what kind of person they really are. Granted, tearing down someone’s signs isn’t the end of the world, but it shows a clear lack of regard and arrogance.

  2. Is this enough to end a political career? That was downright wrong what he did.

    1. Yeah…. This sure makes lying about your service in Vietnam look minuscule… That type of thing certainly isn’t worthy of ending a political career like this…. SHEEESH.

        1. bofcudahy was talking about a political career…. Try not to be too hypocritical like other authors at this blog. Saying it’s a “Wisconsin Thang” is a dodge…

  3. A 5 second snippit with absolutely no context whatsoever. Someone also took a Duffy sign down from the same panel/section/door. My initial reaction was to wonder if this wasn’t actually a door or someplace where signs weren’t supposed to be – but it’s just a guess. I find it pretty laughable to jump to conclusions from such a video. And seriously, if this was someone whose positions you supported, I’m pretty sure many of you would be saying the same thing.

    1. Locke, those signs were absolutely not supposed to be there; that’s why Johnson also tore down the signs of his that were right next to the signs he tore down.

      Oh wait, he didn’t take down his own signs.

    2. That orange sign would have been a Dave Westlake sign.

      And to an earlier poster, no it isn’t a career ending move…it’s just a sign of pettiness.

      And if the signs didn’t belong there it should be up to the convention organizers to remove them. Instead Mr. Johnson did it and we all get to make fun of him!

      sarcasm alert

      1. yeah, I just rewatched and it is a Duffy sign…is he stealing Westlake’s blaze orange?

        1. I guess Orange is just a popular color this year – Roger Roth, who’s running for the 8th District seat against Kagan also uses orange for his signs & website.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, this was a doorway inside a room at the state Republican convention. A.) It’s not even worth posting and B.) What do you people care?! Go drop lit for Feingold and leave trivial matters inside the GOP to themselves.

      1. Yeah guys, let’s pay attention to something so inconsequential and ignore real major issues that Democrats are screwing up RIGHT NOW!

        I will take your concern on this very important sign matter as being so sincere that not one Democrat will remove a Republican yard sign this fall.

        1. ANYBODY removing a sign should go back to middle school. The person that lives across the street from has had up to a dozen homemade signs up. If I had a digital camera I’d provide pics. They are all of what I would describe as the misinformed, teabag variety. But I’m not going to take them down. Until I get some other information on this incident, refer to the first sentence.

        2. Maybe we (the libs) are taking this too seriously. When Johnson actually gets around to having a platform to run on, our disagreements with that will be far more important. But if this sign deal is what it looks like, it’s rotten.
          Middle school.

        3. I pledge to you that I will NOT remove a single Republican yard sign UNLESS some idiot places it in my yard…

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