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  1. And the logic of this blog: posting one trivial sign from months ago while ignoring the Obama administration’s handling of the oil spill. The President is taking his SECOND vacation since the spill and has been slow to respond to the problem. You might remember a few years back all the blame placed on Bush for the response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I wonder where the liberal outrage is on this one? And after both incidents, why do liberals insist on giving the federal government MORE responsibilities when it so clearly can’t handle the jobs it is supposed to. “You’re doing a heck of a job, Barry!”

      1. Don’t get me wrong, thanks for spurring discussion.

        I just have a hard time believing you would have left out criticism of such a major issue if GWB’s name was still on the door.

        1. No, you’re right: any and all government work on containing the spill halted Obama went on vacation. The nerve, I tell you. Next thing they’ll tell you is that BP is liable for it!

          1. BP may be liable, but I thought liberals liked it when the federal government intervenes and swoops in to solve problems? Are you really saying the private sector should be left alone to solve this problem on its own and the federal government has no role?

            I seem to remember some criticism of President Bush not going on the ground in Katrina right away because that meant he wasn’t taking the problem seriously. Or when he went on vacation I argued that a president is always on call, but that didn’t stop liberals from saying he wasn’t doing the job because he was “vacationing.” I guess you forgot everything from before Jan 20, 2009.

            Aside from the vacation, do you think President Obama has devoted enough time and resources to this issue? It’s been a month!

            1. forgot, what do you want President Obama to do, dive down 5,000 feet under the ocean’s surface and single-handedly plug the leak?

              Seriously…..tell me what else you think President Obama and the federal government should be doing.

              1. I don’t know, what did you want President Bush to do, rebuild the levys himself?

                Well for starters Obama could honor some of the requests of Gov. Jindahl to cut through the red tape such as approval with the Army Corp. (that’s pronounced ‘core’ by the way). My problem has more to do with the response about the oil coming ashore than what he would do to plug the leak.

            2. And what is your proposal to solve the problem? Apparently our Homeland Security doesn’t have the gear or expertise to solve the issue. Either we hope BP prevails or we pull them out and hire another oil company to try. Which would certainly take another several weeks to just get them into position. We’ve had the Coast Guard and National Guard troops involved since day one.

            3. “Are you really saying the private sector should be left alone to solve this problem on its own and the federal government has no role?”

              How’s that private sector thing working out for you? More than a few Republican congressman are decrying the catastrophe that the gulf has now become. This isn’t a partisan situation.

    1. forgot – A lot of stuff is being ignored: Dick Blumenthal’s “service” in Vietnam, the White House’s involvement in Sestak’s primary run, Obama going to Chicago instead of Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day, a possible 100+ billion dollar bailout of union pensions. Am I missing anything?

  2. “do you think President Obama has devoted enough time and resources to this issue?” No, actually think he screwed this one, BIG TIME. A whole month has gone by and NOTHING has happened. Yes they have tried stuff, but it has all failed. Get BP out and take care of it.

    “I guess you forgot everything from before Jan 20, 2009.” Are you calling Zach a tea bagger?

    1. My comment was in reply to Jason Haas, not Zach, and I’m not calling either one a Tea Partier or the other phrase you used.

  3. That sound you hear is not oil gushing out of the ocean floor. It is Obama running away from the situation as fast as he can. Why? because it was his federal government that shortly before the accident inspected the oil rig and certified it, despite the fact there were obvious problems which led to the explosion.

      1. Actually it appears the opposite is true and they were not conducting inspections as they should have.


        “The federal agency responsible for ensuring that an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was operating safely before it exploded last month fell well short of its own policy that inspections be done at least once per month, an Associated Press investigation shows.”

        “Regulators point to limits in rig inspection process”

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