Terrence Wall receives the coveted McCallum endorsement

Yeah, this should really lock up the Republican U.S. Senate primary for Terrence Wall:

On Monday, former Wisconsin Governor and Fond du Lac native Scott McCallum is throwing his support behind Terrence Wall in his campaign for the United States Senate.

Citing the continuing economic crisis, McCallum says Terrence Wall is the candidate with the right experience to help turn our country around.

“Terrence Wall has balanced budgets for the last 20 years as a small business owner. That’s exactly the kind of experience we need in Washington today,” McCallum said in a press release issued by Wall’s camp. I’m endorsing Terrence because I know he will stand up to the power brokers in Washington – Democrats or Republicans – and fight for a balanced budget that won’t saddle our children with any more debt. As Governor, I wasn’t afraid to propose true spending cuts, and I know Terrence won’t be either.”

Gov. Scott McCallum served as governor from 2001 to 2003 after 14 years as Lt. Governor under former Gov. Tommy Thompson. Prior to that, McCallum served as the State Senator from Fond du Lac and Oshkosh for ten years.

“I am honored to accept Governor McCallum’s endorsement,” Wall said. “I entered this race 7 months ago because I was worried about the mountains of debt our children will inherit because of the government’s out-of-control spending. I could not stand by and watch as our children’s future was being spent before they have a chance to live it.”

If memory serves me, Wisconsin’s state budget shortfalls started shortly before (or shortly after) then-Governor Scott McCallum left office, so Scott McCallum seems like the last person who should be talking about fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.


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10 thoughts on “Terrence Wall receives the coveted McCallum endorsement

  1. And, if I remember right, McCallum is the guy who pissed away the Tobacco Settlement money.

    1. I’m not sure it’s fair of you to place all that blame on McCallum. He wasn’t governor all that long and as I recall was shot down pretty quick with any significant budget proposals and changes he offered. With that said, the endorsement is insignificant in that no one remembers that he was governor.

        1. I knew you’d say that. Jim Doyle’s been governor for 8 years, plenty of time to around budget shortfalls don’t you think. As for using tobacco money, that was a bipartisan effort.

          1. And despite the budget shortfalls Doyle inherited from his Republican predecessors, he’s managed to balance the state budget every year he’s been in office.

            1. HA HA HA You must be joking!!! If you think Tommy was a shortfall, but Doyle is balanced, we don’t have much else to discuss on this topic.

              1. You really enjoy selectively reading, don’t ya? Tommy caused the budget shortfalls, and McCallum did indeed piss away the tobacco settlement. (And he gave us David Clarke as sheriff. Thanks, buddy!)

                Winners all around!

                1. Jason, you’re as ignorant as the rest. Clarke is elected to office. Seems to me that people apparently want this guy as sheriff because he keeps winning – he doesn’t get appointed as your post references.

                2. Jason, also point out the budget shortfalls he’s caused since 2000 when he left office? In the last 8 years Doyle and Co. have caused the shortfalls, they have pissed away money, borrowed from the feds because WI was the 9th worst budget shortfall in the nation, oh and just passed a multi-billion dollar tax to try and cover their tails. So again, where is this Tommy’s problem?

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