16 thoughts on “The best Democrat since FDR?

  1. Sorry, Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA,free trade with China,deregulation of Wall Street and the Telecommunications act of 1996.He betrayed the working people of this country,I will never forgive him for what he did. Sly

  2. I took the war in consideration,that shows how little I think of 42nd prez. I was one his earliest supporters and that showed poor judgment on my part.

  3. Ultimately there’s no president who hasn’t done things we won’t agree with, but you have to look at the whole picture. Heck, for as much as FDR is revered, he was far from perfect. His attempts to pack the Supreme Court was certainly a low point.

  4. Sly, most of the things you mentioned are what Bill Clinton did RIGHT.

    What about Harry Truman? And when did JFK fall out of favor with you Democrats? Did you find out he cut taxes or something?

    1. Ah yes, the whole “liberals love higher taxes” stereotype. I hear that plays well over at Badger Blogger.

      1. Might be a stereotype, but it’s usually true. More often than not, liberals are the ones proposing higher taxes. And logic would dictate that they do — if part of being a liberal means favoring more government programs and increased benefits then higher taxes are needed to pay for them.

        1. If part of being a liberal means government programs for food, clothing, healthcare, and shelter for those who need help, count me in. I just wish they were state programs instead of federal ones. And I wish they were county programs instead of state programs.

          The basics of life is the least we can do.

          But once we get beyond those four items, I am opposed to governmental assistance.

          1. Fair enough, you live up to your name of being reasonable. But it’s amazing when government starts handing things out how many people become “in need” and start to expect government handouts. Look at the recent unemployment extensions. I think private charities are often better at getting aid to the people who need it, but I don’t necessarily have a problem with government filling in the gap in limited circumstances where charity falls short (however government involvement usually means fewer dollars for charity because of increased taxes and if government is doing it private organizations have less incentive and more red tape to deal with).

            But I have a problem when government assistance becomes the norm and everybody is relying on government for something. I also agree, local programs are better than federal ones, but delivery of these services comes at a high price and don’t seem to be very efficient.

    2. Oh, and there’s no denying Kennedy and Truman each had their accomplishments, so an argument could be made for each.

      1. There might be a problem with the premise of the question of FDR being the best Democrat.

      2. It was not a question but a statement that Bill Clinton is the best Democrat since FDR. Clinton might be better than FDR but we need another 30 years to see if it is true.

        1. To be fair, choosing the “best” Democrat is like picking a beauty queen out of a pig pen.

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