What was that about government mandates regarding health care?

Remember during the health care reform debate (and even now, really) how conservatives opposed to health care reform argued that government mandates regarding health care we really really bad?

I’m wondering why those same folks aren’t singing the same tune about a recent law passed in Oklahoma that’s chock full of mandates regarding health care:

Oklahoma’s attorney general agreed Monday to temporarily block enforcement of a controversial new state lawthat requires pregnant women to get an ultrasound and hear a detailed description of the fetus before they get an abortion.


The New York-based abortion rights group has said the new law is among the strictest in the nation. The law requires doctors to use a vaginal probe, which provides a clearer picture of the fetus than a regular ultrasound, and to describe the fetus in detail, including its dimensions, whether arms, legs and internal organs are visible and whether there is cardiac activity.

The law also requires doctors to turn a screen depicting the ultrasound images toward the woman so she can view them.

I suppose as long as health care mandates are perfectly okay, so long as they’re making it more difficult for women to exercise their right to choose, right?


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5 thoughts on “What was that about government mandates regarding health care?

    1. And you DON’T want limited government, oh, except when you do.

      Again Jim, I say limited government doesn’t mean non-existent government. I think standing up for LIFE (liberty, and property too) qualifies as standing up for some important things within the frame of limited government.

      1. No, I generally do want limited government. But I’m not letting ideology get in the way of health care for millions of Americans.

  1. Well to reverse your argument, since liberals who supported health care were in favor of government mandates, you support this one too right?

    How nice to skew the entire health care debate this way. Since these “doctors” get paid for performing abortions and we’ve seen on some hidden camera videos that they aren’t exactly objective about including all of the information, shouldn’t these women have an informed decision about all the details before undergoing this “medical procedure”?

    I’m so glad to see you draw the line on big government mandates only when it comes to killing a fetus. Way to draw the moral line in the sand!

    1. Actually, I wasn’t in favor of the government mandate contained within the health care reform legislation that was passed into law.

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