A fast-roping refresher course

In light of the decision by Israeli military forces to fast-rope into a crowd of agitated protesters aboard the Gaza aid flotilla that resulted in the deaths of 10 protesters, perhaps the Israeli military could use a refresher course in fast-roping:

[via abu muqawama through The Chief]


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1 thought on “A fast-roping refresher course

  1. I don’t envy the Israeli government. I’ve seen a disturbing number of people categorize criticizing anything Israel does as antisemitism or pro-terrorist. On the same token I’ve seen way too many people utter “Zionist this” or “Zionist that” as if the terrorists are justified.

    As long as as both sides act blameless it’s never going to get better. The idea of punishing group of people for the actions of others has always sounded backwards to me, ever since school. There’s also the religion problem, which (as is the case too often all over the world) is used as an excuse to continue the unrest.

    I really hope I live to see this situation resolved for the most part. It’s sad to see this go on for generations. Yet more encroaching settlements, yet more rockets, yet more violence and unrest in general. It’s sad.

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