Creative Uses of Twitter – Madison & Milwaukee Governements

With the Republicans continuing their efforts to “starve the beast of government, even when it is being particularly effective, it’s nice to see the Democratic-leaning Milwaukee & Madison City Governments embracing Twitter as part of their constituent engagement strategies.  In Milwaukee, we have the Milwaukee Police Department using Twitter to report crimes/police info at the district level with Twitter info in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Districts according to this recent tweet from @Riverwest.

Milwaukee Police On Twitter

Meanwhile in Madison, the Mayor’s office is tweeting on some of the latest incidents in the city @CityofMadison.

City of Madison Tweets
City of Madison Tweets

If you’re in either of these communities, you might want to consider following these Twitter accounts for the latest breaking news in your community.  If your community in Wisconsin is using Twitter or another social media tool creatively as part of your constituent engagement strategy, please share it with our readers here at BloggingBlue.


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2 thoughts on “Creative Uses of Twitter – Madison & Milwaukee Governements

  1. My I add that the Village of Shorewood was perhaps the first MKE suburb to get on twitter @ShorewoodGov and on Facebook.

    1. Hi Keith,
      Thanks for your comment. You often see creativity coming from smaller entities, so glad to see Shorewood taking a lead.

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