DNC Nails GOP using Barton’s BP Apology with New Web Ad

Joe Barton, a GOP Representative from TX, is getting a lot of heat from the left and lots of support from the usual Tea Party wing nuts for his apology to BP CEO for the “government shakedown” that will result in at least some level of remuneration for the damages caused by the BP oil spill to business, individuals and government. He and some of his cohorts seem to think that asking a guilty corporation to pay for the results of their inaction, incompetence and criminal malfeasance is beyond the pale and not within the government’s purview.

The DNC recognizing an opportunity, came up with this great new web ad using Joe’s words to skewer the GOP for their support of BP.

The GOP would be wise to distance themselves from Joe Barton and his apology to BP. Where is his shame and anger for the damage done by this company … for the 11 people killed?

What this really reflects is a paid gun for hire, given that Barton’s biggest contributor is an oil company supplier according to FiveThirtyEight.


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4 thoughts on “DNC Nails GOP using Barton’s BP Apology with New Web Ad

  1. Even worse are the politicians (from both parties) who are climbing over their soap boxes to rail on BP to get their sound bites for the next election.

  2. Where Is the Wisconsin Left’s criticism and outrage of MMSD and it’s dumping of Sewage into Lake Michigan? Difference Govt employees, vs. Private business. DNR? Seirra Club? Anyone?

    1. There’s a big difference between oil that doesn’t break down for years and blended sewage, but I wouldn’t expect you to know the difference.

    2. I don’t know enough about this issue to comment one way or another. I do know that MMSD has spent tons of money trying to manage their overflow that goes into the lake. I’ll leave it up to some other outraged liberal… to address your question.

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