DPW’s 2010 Convention draws over 20,000 to internet feed

For the first time ever, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin streamed its 2010 convention live online, drawing over 20,000 unique viewers across the state and the nation. Powered by USTREAM, the seven-hour broadcast had 21,225 unique viewers who watched a combined 77 days, 13 hours, 24 minutes of live video from the Convention. Gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett’s speech on Saturday morning drew 15,172 unique viewers by itself, in sharp contrast to the speech given by Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, which drew only a handful of online viewers.

Here’s a screenshot of the statistics from the Democratic Party’s USTREAM feed:
DPW UStream stats

As I wrote earlier, Scott Walker’s USTREAM feed of his convention speech drew only a handful of viewers in comparison:
Scott Walker's  UStream stats
Obviously I’m biased, given my political leanings, but having seen the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s convention for myself, and given the number of folks who watched it online, Democrats in Wisconsin seem far more enthusiastic than their Republican counterparts, although if you listen to one far-right conservative, the Democratic convention had to be moved to Madison due to a lack of interest. While Fred Dooley may consider a convention attended by over 1,100 people and watched by over 21,000 more to show a “lack of interest,” I’d argue those kinds of numbers paint exactly the opposite picture of the Democratic Party convention.


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