Republican Governors Association: Tom Barrett broughts jobs to Wisconsin!

Yesterday the Republican Governors Association issued a press release attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett’s record on job creation as Mayor of Milwaukee, and along with the press release, the RGA came out with an ad attacking Barrett’s record on job creation. The only problem with the RGA’s attack on Barrett is the fact that just a short time ago, the RGA touted Mayor Barrett’s successes in bringing jobs to Milwaukee in an ad they ran attacking a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Colorado.

Here’s the Barrett campaign’s take on the RGA’s multiple personalities when it comes to Tom Barrett’s record on job creation:

As Jim Arndt of Pretty Important Politics notes, from the “Party of No Ideas” comes another failure, a failure to establish or maintain a coherent narrative. The fact that a prominent national Republican organization can’t even keep from contradicting itself in a span of less than a month is more than a little troublesome, and it shows just how willing Republicans, who’ve presented few – if any – tangible ideas on how to make life better for citizens, are to play fast and loose with the facts.

The fact that the RGA is running attack ads in Wisconsin this early in the gubernatorial race reeks of desperation, but given their lackluster candidates here in Wisconsin, I can’t say I blame the RGA. Scott Walker and Mark Neumann have spent months doing their best to avoid giving voters in Wisconsin any concrete proposals on how they’ll create jobs and balance the state’s budget deficit (and no, vague talk about “tax cuts” and “reducing the size of government” aren’t concrete proposals), and Tom Barrett’s running circles around both when it comes to policy, as he’s issued detailed proposals on how he’ll create jobs and cut state government spending.


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