“She’s a little confused with the facts”

Earlier today, State Sen. Kevin Fisc….Mary Lazich, one of Wisconsin’s worst legislators, accused the developer of a proposed housing development in New Berlin of turning to two Dane County Democratic senators to get support for tax credits after she refused to endorse the plan.

The only problem with Sen. Lazich’s accusation? It’s not at all based in reality:

But Lazich is dead wrong, the developer, MSP Real Estate, and the Dane County senators or their staff said Wednesday.

MSP’s director of development, Jacob Klein, said he never sought the support of Sen. Fred Risser (D-Madison) and Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) for the New Berlin project. Klein said he did ask them to send letters of support to the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority for MSP proposals in their districts and got their help.

“She’s a little confused with the facts,” Klein said.

Sen. Lazich did note that the developer called her office and told a member of her staff that Sens. Risser and Erpenbach were in support of the development in New Berlin, noting, “That’s a written note I have from staff. It was very clear that the developer called and talked about New Berlin and never said anything about Madison projects.” What I’m left to wonder if which of Sen. Lazich’s crack team of staffers, which includes hyper-partisan far-right wing blogger Kevin Fischer, was responsible for twisting the truth, given the fact that WHEDA spokesperson Kate Venne confirmed Sens. Risser and Erpenback sent letters to WHEDA only in support of projects in their districts.

Sen. Erpenbach said Lazich is wrong and should apologize, adding, “To be honest with you, I don’t know what she’s talking about. I tried to help the developer with a project in my district, but not in New Berlin. Hopefully, the next press release she issues will be an apology.”

For some strange reason I’m betting Sen. Erpenbach will be waiting a long time for an apology from Sen. Lazich.


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  1. Mary Lazich – Never a leader; always a partisan. New Berlin gets what it deserves!!!!

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