Some Chris Larson odds & ends

Just a few odds and ends in regards to Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson, who is mounting a primary challenge against Democratic State Sen. Jeff Plale this year:

  • Larson’s campaign has a new website up and running, and though it’s not fully functional yet, it appears to be more of a web presence than Sen. Plale has, as I was unable to locate a website for Plale’s campaign using Google.
  • Earlier this week, Larson’s campaign also announced it had been endorsed by Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998. In announcing the endorsement, Alan Simonis, president of Local 998 issued a statement:

    “We’re proud to endorse Chris because he has been a real champion on the transit issue,” said Alan Simonis, president of Local 998, representing Milwaukee County bus drivers, mechanics, and vital support personnel. “He cares about keeping good jobs in the community and making sure folks have access to quality public transportation to get to work.” Simonis went on to say, “As a County Supervisor, Chris has continually opposed harmful cuts to public transit and supported union jobs. We know he’ll be a voice for change in Madison for Southeast Wisconsin and working families.”

  • And finally, I’ll be sitting down with Supervisor Larson in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled for my interview with him.

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3 thoughts on “Some Chris Larson odds & ends

  1. I believe that Plale got the endorsement of WEAC and the 2 democrat State Representatives in his district. That doesn’t mean much?

    1. It’s not a bit surprising Sen. Plale was endorsed by WEAC and the two Democratic State Representatives in his district; the party tends to close ranks around incumbents during a primary challenge.

    2. Of course Rep. Sinicki and Richards endorsed him. They’re all incumbents of the same party. It’s a professional courtesy. I can’t speak for WEAC, though. He made it a race only two weeks ago. Has WEAC even interviewed Larson? Was there enough time to do so? Again, it may be a professional courtesy to endorse the incumbent, although this is an incumbent who favors vouchers, which I trust WEAC does not.

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