Underwater Footage of the L.R. Doty in Lake Michigan

Here’s some great video footage of the L.R. Doty, a 291 foot wooden ship that sank in 300 feet of water in Lake Michigan 112 years ago during a violent storm. The L.R. Doty was carrying corn from Chicago to Ontario when it sank. Prior to its recent discovery, the ship was the largest wooden ship to remained unaccounted for according to the AP.  All 17 on board and two cats, Dewey and Watson, were presumed to be dead, with the remains thought to still be in the ship’s hold. (For more information see the AP story)

The shipwreck is still in amazingly good condition due to the deep cold water conditions in which it sank.


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  1. That’s great footage. It’s amazing to me that it took all this time for this wreck to finally get some attention.

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