When will Walker & Neumann break the silence?

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett has a detailed plan to “Put Madison on a Diet” and save more than $1 billion, a number which represents about half of the projected state budget deficit for the next governor.

The response from the Republican gubernatorial candidates? Crickets. As WisPolitics reports, “Neumann and Walker declined Barrett’s challenge today to offer specific spending cuts.” I’m not at all shocked Neumann and Walker declined to offer specific spending cuts, considering that on perhaps the key issue of this election – job creation – neither Nuemann nor Walker have offered any concrete plans on how to create jobs in Wisconsin, besides proposing “tax cuts,” which would only serve to drive the state’s budget deficit up by an estimated $1 billion, leaving Wisconsin $3 billion in the hole, instead of $2 billion.

Speaking of the silence from Mark Neumann and Scott Walker on government spending and job creation, here’s an ad from One Wisconsin Now:


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12 thoughts on “When will Walker & Neumann break the silence?

  1. Hahaha! Right Mr Tax and Spend Tom will now make cuts. Let his record speak for itself!!!

    1. Which record are you talking about? The one where he brings jobs to Milwaukee or the one where he raises taxes less than Scott Walker?

    2. Or the one where he paid off the City of Milwaukee’s pension obligations (to the tune of roughly $40 million) without borrowing a cent, unlike Scott Walker with Milwaukee County’s pension obligations.

  2. Can you at least try to do research before shooting your ignorant mouth off on Barrett? In addition to the move Zach describes (keeping pensions solvent and stable, unlike the County), Barrett cut $14 million in last year’s budget .

    And you’ll notice it was done without contrived budget crises, absurd drop-offs in services, or layoffs. It was just good planning and execution. The result? A $23 million surplus (3 times that of the County) which will be used to stabilize next year’s budget.

    See, that’s what happens when executives believe government can work and are self-confident enough to hire competent staff. Not surpringly, a Walker-supporter like you wouldn’t know what that looks like. In fact, you have quite the fitting name, as I bet you say “Huh?” a lot, don’t you?

  3. I wondered how long it would be before a personal attack. Nice going Jake. Au contraire on the ignorance mon ami. Far from it…

  4. You guys are killing me. That wasn’t a personal attack? He called me ignorant, a “Walker supporter like me” AND well the Huh? part he just didn’t get. He assumes I have done no research etc…where he is dead wrong. I suppose I did set myself up, although I must admit I am new at posting on lib blogs, but gave it a try due to liking Zach’s stuff.

    Barrett has proposed raising property taxes every budget in all years in office as Mayor. He voted to raise taxes in the legislature NUMEROUS times: Sales tax, gas tax, social security tax, energy tax, income tax. TAX TAX TAX!

    You can’t compare the city surplus with the county as they are two different animals. And as far as the the $29MM, well let’s just say that it is under suspicion for more than one reason. Let’s see what comes out on that as things evolve. I am a skeptic until I see proof…and that goes for both sides, my dears. I am NO sheeple and prefer to think for myself after weighing FACTS. So please show me facts with regards to Barrett and not just warm, fuzzy “he hired competent people and therefore a surplus”, or “notice how it was done without etc…”. Right now what I am hearing as that it WAS done with some tricks, hence the jury is still out!

    Oh and you were right spot on about Huh? I created that name for this blog, as I do find myself consistently saying Huh? after I read some of these posts. Different mindset people. We obviously see things from two different angles!

    1. You’re no sheep but you repeated the overused “tax and spend” line? I wouldn’t personally attack you but that line left yourself open.

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