Senator Bernie Sanders – Fiscally Responsible!

While Wisconsin has always been a very political state with some of the most well known(good and bad) political figures on the national scene, a few of our current representatives(Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Kind, etc..) could take lessons from the Honorable Senator Sanders in how to represent their constiuents.

Here Senator Sanders explains how, while the Republicans are screaming about we need to pay for helping the unemployed(IE middle and lower class), to make it deficit neutral. Then they offer up completely eliminating the estate tax(it is not the death tax, sorry frank luntz). As Senator Sanders points out “This huge tax break for the wealthy, if passed, would increase the national debt by more than $1 trillion over a ten-year period.” Yet there does not seem to be anywhere they have offered to offset the deficit with this. Curiouser and curiouser….

This estate tax(which the founders would of loved by the way), affects only 3/1oths of 1 percent of families in the country. It only kicks in on estates that total MORE than $3.5 million dollars.

Lets let Senator Sanders again talk about this tax in real terms:

“Well, if we completely repealed the estate tax, it would provide an estimated $32 billion tax break for the Walton family — the founders of Wal-Mart. ”

So just to be clear, Paul ryan, Sensenbrenner, et all… think ist unacceptable to give your unemployed neighbor $200 a week to survive on and that it is also unacceptable to not give the Walton family $32 Billion dollars worth of welfare…..

And they think they they are in position to win both houses???


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6 thoughts on “Senator Bernie Sanders – Fiscally Responsible!

  1. The government NOT taxing somebody isn’t GIVING anything to anybody — it’s allowing them to keep their own money. Not taxing someone is not welfare — taking it and giving it to someone else is welfare.

    But then you are a “progressive” and are all for having the government confiscate other people’s money, saying it’s “only a small percentage and only these estates” except that’s usually code/the beginning of government coming after all of us for more, more, more. The funny part is that you love all those big government programs — well who do you think is funding them? Businesses and the wealthy! So it looks like you need them to keep funding big government while all the while pretending to hate them.

  2. “So it looks like you need them to keep funding big government while all the while pretending to hate them.” Couldn’t agree more.

    This is another example of the left showing they know what’s best for OTHER people’s money. They have made an art out of class warfare.

    These people have already been taxed more than anyone. Their income, businesses, investments, etc… so I guess it’s only fair that when they die and pass their hard work and earnings on to their families, it gets taxed an EXORBITANT amount.

    And nice job using the Walton’s as an example. Who could possibly calculate the effect that family has had on this country’s economy and number of jobs they have provided – and you want to screw them.

  3. its not about confiscating other peoples money, its about taxing and paying their fair share. When George Steinbrenner died, he is the one who “worked hard” for his money not his kids. His kids just hit the lottery. Go buy a powerball ticket and win and see how much you get taxed. Should we eliminate that tax also?

    In terms of class warfare, i will listen to Warren Buffet: ” there is class warfare and my sides winning!”

    I will use walmart as example all day of what is wrong with America. They are a shining example of what is wrong with this country. everywhere they go they bring devastation, low wages and an incredible cost to taxpayers. While you might not think a taxbreak is welfare, there is no doubt that everytime they come into a new city and get extra taxbreaks and money to come in that no other business gets IS welfare. Also when the richest family and business in the world has a majority of workers on Medicaid(also corporate welfare). They are the single largest recipient of corporate welfare in the country to the tune of

    Add to that the numerous environmental regulations they break, the illegals they hire, the illegal union busting, gender discrimination, breaking of wage laws, they have been an incredible drain on the economy and the country…

    1. What would you consider fair share? If we were all taxed at the same percentage, the government would still make billions off their success. You seem to forget or belittle that people that work hard (your use of quotes) to earn that money and government just reaps the benefits. I really don’t understand why you never have a problem with billions flowing into the government rather than letting people keep their own money.

      As for WalMart, you left out the part where they offer very affordable durable goods to low income people who could otherwise not afford such items.

      As for Medicaid, you crack me up. You guys like to create all these government reliance programs, then are surprised when they are used and taken advantage of! Get real!

    2. he is the one who “worked hard” for his money not his kids. His kids just hit the lottery.

      I’m always amused by this. I think most of you guys really wouldn’t be happy until we completely re-set the slate when people die – every dime goes into a pool and is divided among the beneficiaries exactly evenly. Walton’s kids get the same share of the inheritance pool as everyone else.

      So do you have kids? I presume then that you have no problem giving up the same percentage of your wealth to the government that those evil nasty rich do, right?

      There are two things you just don’t seem to understand. First, for many people (myself included) the single biggest motivator for me and why I work my @ss off is to provide for my kids both now, and after I’m gone. If I didn’t have kids, I’d be much less motivated – no reason to grow my business, or employ people. I can’t take it with me – if I can’t give it to my kids, there’s not much use in working any harder just to give it to the government.

      But that’s a personal motivation thing. The really astonishing thing you don’t seem to realize is that you want to see is practically an end to private ownership. The reason the government can’t have it – the reason I should be able to give it to my kids is because IT’S MINE. If I can’t direct what happens to my assets without the government confiscating a huge portion, then I don’t really own them after all.

  4. Forgot these are simple enough to answer.

    1. The problem here is the republicans like to equate Multi Billionaires as people who have worked the hardest. Thats a bunch of bull for the most part. I know many people who do not have a pot to piss in who work their ass off at 2,3, 4 different jobs. Then with the way our tax system is the poor people working the 4 jobs pay a disproportionate amount of their income too taxes while the waltons keep getting tax breaks. Government doesnt just reap benefits when a walton pays taxes, they are paying for what they use(Police, fire, roads, schools, courts, etc…).

    2. When you look at what they cost the community, the government(federal, state and local) and the economy, they actually have the highest prices around in terms of true costs. I didnt even get into our balance of trade and how walmart has helped affect that.

    3. We have programs like medicaid for people who are in trouble and need the assistance. If you work for the richest company and family in the world, you should not need the assistance.

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