Dems outraise Republicans – who really has momentum?

Think Republicans have all the momentum heading into the fall elections? Think again:

The State Senate Democratic Committee continued to easily outpace the competition by raising more than $160,000, with more than $175,000 cash-on-hand. Embarrassingly, the Senate Republican Campaign Committee raised $60,000. The Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee successfully raised $122,846, for a total of $505,601 raised in 2009 and 2010 whereas the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee raised $28,782, for a total of $224,417 raised in 2009 and 2010. When it comes to the governors race, to date Tom Barrett has raised $2.4 million and currently has on hand $2.9 million. His competitor Scott Walker has raised $2.5 million but only has on hand $2.5 million.

In announcing the strong fundraising numbers for Democrats, DPW Chair Mike state said, “Looking at the numbers released this week, it is clear that Democrats across the state are thriving. This momentum will continue through November. Don’t believe the Republican hype. The real story is that the Democrats are on the move and have the momentum.”

If fundraising is any indication, Democrats in Wisconsin surely have some momentum heading into the fall.


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11 thoughts on “Dems outraise Republicans – who really has momentum?

  1. One thing I do agree with Tate on …. “Don’t believe the Republican hype.”

  2. So it’s “strong fundraising numbers” and “momentum” when it’s Democrats, but evil dirty special interest money when it’s Republicans? Got it.

    1. Plus they forgot basic math. Mark Neumann wasn’t factored into the fund raising. Add in his funds and Republicans have almost doubled Democrats for the gubernatorial race.

    2. forgot, you’re assuming all the money (or even a majority) that was raised came from “special interests” and not from individuals.

      1. Who said anything about all? But surely a good chunk. Let’s not pretend these Democrat party committee groups are raising their wads of cash in increments of $5 from sweet little old ladies.

        1. As opposed to the GOP, which is clearly raising the vast majority of its funds from sweet little old ladies in $5 increments.

          Of the roughly $2.5 million Scott Walker raised, roughly $144,000 came from committees (some of which are no doubt special interests). Of the roughly $2.4 million Barrett raised, roughly $345,000 came from committees.

          As to the campaign committees, the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee raised roughly $28,000, with over half of that coming from committees.

          I couldn’t find the reports for the ADCC on the campaign finance information website…

          1. Well that was exactly my original point to your post — I’m not denying both sides raise money from “special interests.” But it seems touting high figures is only a good thing when it’s on the ‘D’ side.

  3. I’m still wary. Just the thought of Republicans gaining control of congress scares me. So much social progress as far as individual freedoms go could be undone. I’d prefer not to be overconfident, even though I’m powerless to do anything other than cast my vote.

    1. Yeah because the Democrats in Congress now are all about individual freedoms. ?!

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