Kolosso will be on the ballot against Sensenbrenner

Earlier this week I noted that while Democratic House candidate Todd Kolosso had garnered enough signatures to get his name on the ballot for the fall general election, a challenge to Kolosso’s signatures had called his status into question. However, the Government Accountability Board has dismissed the complaint filed against Kolosso, clearing the way for Kolosso’s name to appear on the ballot against Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner for Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional seat. In announcing the GAB’s decision, Kolosso’s campaign issued a statement:

“Today’s outcome was not a surprise for my campaign or for the Congressman,” said Kolosso. “It was obvious to anyone who saw the complaint that many of the challenges were completely baseless and were founded on ridiculous claims, such as the idea that anyone who signed their name in print instead of cursive should have their signature thrown out.”

The GAB dismissed a challenge against 51 signatures that were made in print rather than in cursive, as well as challenges based on the claim that certain signatures were dated in the years 2011 and 2016.

“Penalizing someone for poor penmanship is insider politics at its worst,” said Dan Kyle, who collected signatures that were challenged based on dates. “Unless you think I have a time machine, the idea that any of my signatures were dated 2016 and should therefore be invalidated is just silly. The real shame, though, is that taxpayers had to pay GAB staff to review such frivolous claims.”

I’m glad to see Todd Kolosso will be on the ballot in the 5th CD in November, because the voters in the 5th CD deserve an opportunity to have a full slate of candidates from which to choose.


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10 thoughts on “Kolosso will be on the ballot against Sensenbrenner

  1. We need to oust Senselessbrenner….he is useless unless you have tons of $$$$ to throw at him!

      1. Well with Citizens United being over turned now Corporations can pour money into campaigns so who do you think will win? Senselessbrenner doesn’t need to get off his fat butt to do that….oh he doesn’t for anyone except his wealth constituents in the burbs!!

  2. I thought we were all about ousting incumbents in 2010? Or is that unless they sit right of the aisle in the House?

    1. Yeah get rid of all the Democrats so they can make this country a Fascist nation by returning to the Bush agenda!

  3. Actually a rather odd challenge considering that the first time Rep. Sensenbrenner ran for public office he may have still encountered constituents who could only make their mark (warning: sarcasm)…

    1. That is funny Ed…except it is sad because it was probably true!! Vote out all incumbents!!

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