No doubt Johnson’s misleading ad is just the first of many

A lot of folks across the Cheddarsphere – including yours truly – have criticized Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson’s most recent ad, which the Associated Press called “misleading,” while called the ad “Clearly Inaccurate” and “Incorrect,” but no one should be surprised at the ad’s tone or its deliberate misrepresentation of Sen. Feingold’s record. After all, the ad was no doubt approved by Johnson campaign advisor Darrin Schmitz, who’s no stranger to running “highly offensive and deliberately misleading” ads during political campaigns.

There should be absolutely no doubt that with Darrin Schmitz advising his campaign, Ron Johnson’s ads will be a constant stream of negativity, and truth-bending as Johnson, an empty suit if ever there was one, tries to tear Sen. Russ Feingold down. While I understand that attack ads have become a common and accepted part of most political campaigns, it says something about a candidate when said candidate spends more time tearing down their opponent than they do telling voters what they stand for and what they believe in.


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