perfect record…..

“Why did you get me so drunk?” Terry asked the giggling woman, among other personal remarks.

When Terry realized he was sitting near a reporter, he quickly changed the topic of conversation to his three children and the struggle to pay their college tuition.

Terry was given a 100 percent rating by the Christian Coalition for his pro-family voting record.

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A 100% voting record from the Christain Coalition? As a Catholic I wonder what religion the Christian Coalition represents? Also when they say “”Boehner has always told all our members that they will be held to the highest ethical standards.” You have to believe him, when he is not passing tobacco money out on the floor of congress he is walking old ladies across the street…..

One quick sidenote:
What girl wouldnt want to party with this guy??

Party Animal/Super dad

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4 thoughts on “perfect record…..

  1. One quick sidenote:
    What girl wouldnt want to party with this guy??

    Oh, I get it. You’re making fun of the way he looks.

  2. Nope Locke, I am just pointing out that of course the young women lobbyists love to party with him because of his good looks and sparkling personality. It has nothing to do with trying to influence him or his power. So there can be nothing suspicious going on here…

  3. Sheridan was stupid for getting involved with that lobbyist….I think he should of resigned his speaker seat for doing so!!

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