Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) has a challenger?

Word on the street in Franklin was that Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) will have a challenger for his AD-82 seat. More interesting is that the challenger isn’t a Democrat!

I was able to confirm that with Larry Gamble, who is one of the founders of  Franklin-based Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty. Gamble told me that he has registered with the intentions to run for the seat. Gamble told me his concern about several issues with Stone:

His PRO stance on both commuter rail projects, voting for the statewide smoking ban and not supporting people’s choice in healthcare with his refusal to co-sponsor SJR-62.

I think the people want more choice and they want home rule. That is a motivator. But, there are always complications.

Due to surprise personal commitments he mentioned to me, it is unknown if Gamble will be able to gather enough signatures and file before the deadline. I’m sure Rep. Stone would appreciate that very much.

Stone has been one of a few legislators who have been more flexible in his views. I credit that with his residence being in Greendale, a community that is truly unique in character and demographics compared to its neighboring burbs.

There were rumors of a Democratic challenger to Stone’s seat late last year. Unfortunately, nothing turned up due to the thought that a Democrat wouldn’t be able to win Stone’s seat.


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4 thoughts on “Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) has a challenger?

  1. I am a big fan of Larry Gamble. I don’t mind Jeff Stone..But if we have a chance at real Conservative in that seat it makes the power of the TEA Party idealogy even stronger in our state. I’ll send some cash your way Larry when I know you have enough signatures to get on the ballot.

    What a year!!! Scott Walker; Leah Vukmir; Ron Johnson; If you told me a year and a half ago the wind would be so strong the Conservatives would become this much stronger than ever in my lifetime, I would’ve laughed at you. It’s still a ways to the Finish Line.. But the TEA is still boiling!! I watched last weekend the response to Barrett and Walker in a parade. THERE was no comparison! Walker is loved! I predict 56% for Walker! A close race for Senator maybe 51/49 not sure who comes out on top. Duffy beats Lassa, someone beats Kagan; And even Ron Kind might go down.

  2. I was at a friends house last night (7/8/2010) and Larry stopped by asking for signatures for his nomination papers. Seems like a good guy, conservative and retired military.

    He does have a good name for a website…

    He also said he’s reached the 200 minimum signatures to be on the ballot.

    1. Larry is definitely a good guy. He is very open and honest about his concerns, and doesn’t pull wool over the eyes of voters if he knows they won’t agree with one or more of his opinions.

      I just hope he doesn’t get stomped by Stone in the primary. He doesn’t deserve that. That’s why I find it unfortunate he didn’t jump in as an Independent.

      1. Yeah, I’m not getting the decision to enter the race as a Republican, but perhaps Gamble realized that entering as an independent would only serve to give the advantage to Democrats.

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