11 thoughts on “Ron Johnson’s greatest BP hits

  1. Yeah, but his commercials on the teevee says he’s against drilling in the Great Lakes now! Just forget about all that other stuff he already said!

    1. The unfortunate thing is that a good number of voters will forget that Johnson was in favor of drilling in the Great Lakes.

  2. Zach, did you put these quotes together yourself or are you showing someone else’s montage?

      1. I should have guessed. Those guys never tire of twisting things around to suit their needs. At least one of these quotes is taken out of context (“I’m glad there is global warming.”) Here’s the real quote:

        “I’m always surprised that people think this is the sweet spot in global history in terms of this is where we should be climate-wise. We live in Wisconsin – I’m glad there’s global warming or we’d be standing on top of a 200 ft. thick glacier. So I think it’s absolutely not proven, and for us to be contemplating fixing something that is not proven is absurd.”

  3. I am glad there’s global warming too. Otherwise what would Gore do with all his time?

    1. Kent, you are right, for the sake of America’s women, Al Gore spends a good chunk of his time on global warming.

        1. That’s a standard reserved for a court of law. But it’s only BECAUSE he’s a liberal that he hasn’t been tried and convicted by the media already.

          1. And her allegations had absolutely nothing to do with wanting a big fat payday, right?

            Coincidentally, when the alleged victim was contacted by police shortly after making her allegations, she declined to be interviewed, and when re-contacted, her lawyer indicated they were pursuing it as a civil matter. Then after the police and DA decide there isn’t enough to prove her allegations, she goes straight to the tabloids.

            But hey, if you believe everything you read in the National Enquirer as the gospel truth, then so be it.

            1. I don’t consider much media as gospel, but the National Enquirer did break some really big scandals like Tiger Woods and John Edwards.

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