The abruptness of health care reform?!?

Found on (emphasis mine):

Around that time, my husband who is an Emergency Physician was aghast with the abruptness of HR3200, and was also, for the first time, becoming politically aware. Together, we opened our eyes and began to get actively involved in the political process.

Considering the fact that health care reform took over a year from the time President Obama was inaugurated to get passed into law, there wasn’t anything abrupt about it.


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5 thoughts on “The abruptness of health care reform?!?

    1. I agree that off topic amendments shouldn’t be in that bill…but since you didn’t care for that…I imagine you are ecstatic over the Senate stripping out most of the non-military garbage from the war authorization bill this week.

  1. Facts don’t matter when faced with an intentionally misleading ad campaign. Like it or not the misleading ads around the time the bill passed have tricked a ton of people. I remember the ads talking about how “concerned citizens” should let their representatives know that the government shouldn’t take over their health care, when that wasn’t the bill. Some people STILL think that it’s a government takeover of insurance too.

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