Things Democratic county chairs probably shouldn’t say in an election year

From the files of, “Things Democratic county chairs shouldn’t say about Democratic candidates in an election year” comes this:

Vicki Burke, who chairs the La Crosse County Democrats, said that “in talking to people who work in [Mr. Feingold’s] campaign, they think, given the atmosphere, that this could be the first time where he could possibly lose a race.”

Predictably, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson seized on Burke’s comments on Twitter, and while it’s certainly possible Sen. Feingold could lose this race, it’s a pretty stupid thing for a Democratic county chair to say about a candidate the party should be working hard to help reelect.


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6 thoughts on “Things Democratic county chairs probably shouldn’t say in an election year

  1. I can’t express how devastated I would feel if Senator Feingold loses his race. Of all the politicians I know of, he’s my favorite.

  2. Cudahy- Russ ain’t losing this one. Nate Silver backs up my earlier points about how most polls are GOP-leaning based on being landline-only and weeknight calling. And Rasmussen is ESPECIALLY off due to this bias.

    You think cellphone-only types are going to vote for Mr. Burns….ERRRR… Ron Johnson? Uhhh, no.

    Another point to notice, I went to the family reunion in Vilas Co. this weekend, and saw ZERO reference to Ron Johnson, which tells me they don’t know him or don’t care to know. Once they and much of the rest of the state find out what an empty suit he is, it is GAME OVER.

    1. Yeah, I’ll have to agree that there’s no way Sen. Feingold loses this election. Sure, it may be a tougher fight than in years past, but there’s no way he loses.

    2. You know, I heard that same logic about landline only polling back in Sept & Nov ’08 – and yet McCain was way closer than the polls suggested especially given how weak of a candidate he turned out to be.

      Not saying it’s wrong – but I’m just very skeptical of “logic” like that. Both sides always say the polls are under representing their voters when they don’t like what they see. The explanations vary, but there’s always some justification. The D’s say, “Our voters are too cool for landlines.” The R’s say, “Our voters are too conservative/private to give info to pollsters.” Funny you never hear that from the side polling well.

  3. Well I guess it’s possible any candidate could lose in any race. That’s kind of a basic nothing to say. But I do feel like the chair is kind of forgetting history. Russ very narrowly beat Mark Neumann back in 1998 and if his biography is to be believed, Russ at least, was quite concerned that he was on the edge of losing. [Not to mention his improbable victory in the D Senate primary and his improbable initial state senate victory]

  4. Go Senator Feingold!

    Thanks to those above for calming my nerves. In any event, we need a really strong GOTV for Senator Feingold and Mayor Barrett.

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