Two challengers vie to unseat Rep. Chris Sinicki

Just a quick note from the 20th Assembly District, where it appears two Republicans will be vying for the seat currently held by incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Sinicki. The Republicans in the race are Steve Kraeger, a businessman who previously ran for the County Supervisor seat currently held by Chris Larson and Molly McGartland, a real estate agent who seems to be staking out a position as the far-right candidate in the race, if her website is any indication.

According to her website, if elected McGartland has pledged to, “Spend your money wisely and exercise restraint in spending,” but it will be interesting to see how McGartland reconciles her fiscal responsibility pledge with her own personal history of financial issues, notably one judgment against her for $720.60 and another for $11,534.43. It appears the latest judgment against McGartland relates to an unpaid tuition bill from Marquette University, and both judgments against McGartland appear to still be active, meaning they have not been paid in full.


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3 thoughts on “Two challengers vie to unseat Rep. Chris Sinicki

  1. Really, Molly, where will the money to replace the $1.3 billion you claim was lifted from the “Transportation fund” come from?

    And really, more highways are always the answer. Simply stating that no one will use the rail connections between our cities is proof enough; no proof is necessary!


    Sarcasm aside, this will be a race to the right. I hope Molly really studies what Steve Kraeger said in the races he ran and lost.

    1. Yeah, there’s no doubt the Republican primary will be a race to the right, and ultimately that will hurt the eventual Republican nominee.

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