Congrats Chelsea BUT…….

Something is seriously wrong with our system. When we have very well paid government officials(the president makes $400,000 a year plus expenses, the governor of WI makes $136,000 yearly.) waiting until they get out of office so they can cash in. As Tommy Thompson so succinctly put it “”Everybody knows I was broke when I left the government five years ago, I’ve made a few shekels, not as many as you guys think I’ve made, but it’s tough to go back, there’s no question about that. But the country’s in trouble right now and I’m looking at that.”

While it was nice of Tommy to consider forgoing Millions of dollars of repayment of favors to come and bail us out. Most people consider $130+K a year with full benefits and expense account to be a pretty good salary.

Then there is this Gem from George W Bush “I’ll give some speeches, just to replenish the ol’ coffers.” With assets that have been estimated as high as nearly $21 million, Mr. Bush added, “I don’t know what my dad gets — it’s more than 50-75” thousand dollars a speech, and “Clinton’s making a lot of money.”

Who knew how hard it was to live off a measly $400k a year with cadillac benefits!

To not blame republicans strictly for this, we know its a bipartisan effort as Bill and Hillary ($186,600/yr salary) just threw a wedding for their only daughter that costs somewhere between $2-5 MILLION dollars. (

I am all for rewarding public service and , as someone who ran for office before, think its great that people(regardless of party) devote their time to public service. I do not however think it should be a pass after service to “go directly to GO” and collect MILLIONS of dollars. Makes me wonder what kind of deals were made while in office(Google: Billy Tauzin).

Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix it, but the system is definitely broken!


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6 thoughts on “Congrats Chelsea BUT…….

  1. If anyone (even a Bush) is making millions on talking about their experiences after the fact of public office then no probs. That doesn’t have anything to do with The System. And it seems to me that these people” are kind of like our US “royalty” and people get into watching them, their trials, weddings etc. Big events and lots of cash went to the people and businesses who Did For Chelsea, so…
    Anyway, Normal Folks spend way too much on weddings, I’m sure the Society folk all spend that much more.
    If people wanna pay to see Bill/George after he leaves off, I dunno. That’s entertainment?
    Seems different to me than the whole Lobbyist revolving door thing. Good old -fashioned public speaking seems fair and “clean” to me, the other ways politicians make fortunes, maybe not so much.

    And hey, at least we don’t have Nancy Reagan buying new damn China Patterns for the White House every month anymore, right? Seems to me when it came to wasting money on feminine puffery she was The Queen. Probably due to her over-sized head, must’ve had excessive development of the Purchasing Lobe.

  2. So just trying to decipher what you were going for here Proud…was your problem that politicians get paid too much or that former politicians do?

  3. I’m not sure how “the system” is broken based on the evidence you site. They are making money in the private sector. Do you wish to ban them from doing that?

    Also, Chelsea’s wedding may have been extravagant, but if the Clintons truly paid for all of the stuff with their own money, so be it. So are you only for extravagant spending when it comes to government money (in the form of the stimulus, etc)? Because their private sector spending was probably a bigger stimulus for that town than any government project could have done. And that was our point with the stimulus: government should have encouraged private stimulus instead.

  4. I guess I did not make my point very clear. What I am trying to say is we need to monitor what ex politicians do to earn their millions. Is George W Bush interesting enough to pay $75000 + to listen to a speech(I think we all know the answer to that) or is it payback for favors earned while they were in office? I do not wish to “BAN” them from making a living but I do think its a little fishy when they become multi millionaires in a matter of a couple years….

    I think we pay our elected officials very well, and its a slap in the face to working class people to pretend they are “broke” when they leave.

    1. To be fair, it seems no matter who they are, they often have mounting legal bills by the time they leave office. Do you have any evidence of supposed impropriety of speaking fees as favors, or are you just presuming there is and hey why not take one more dig at GW Bush while you’re at it?

      1. Is it any different than professional sports. Interest is all relative. A Rod makes over 200,000 a game, but I still find baseball boring.

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